February 1998

January 26, 1998

Dear SCAN members,

The Annual Meeting of the Association opened with Lynn Smith doing her usual outstanding job of recapping the 1997 field trips with slides taken by members. Lynn also showed slides of interest to members that were not taken on the field trips. A particularly noteworthy slide, taken by Bruce Cole, was of a cottonmouth with its mouth wide open. It appeared that it was close enough to take a bite out of the photographer. After lunch the members had the opportunity to view member exhibits as well as pay dues for 1998. A video prepared by Bobby Desportes that included many interesting shots of birds drew the biggest crowd. Thanks to Bobby as well as the other exhibitors which included Jan Ciegler and Florence High for enlightening exhibits.

The featured speakers for the meeting are both members of SCAN and professors at Clemson. John Morse described important ecosystems in South Carolina and how the study of insects relates to them. Ed Ruppert discussed the evolution of the vertebrate kidney from invertebrate kidneys. Both presentations were interesting as well as informative and were generally well received by the attendees. After the presentations, John shared some detail of the biodiversity program that is being initiated at Clemson and Ed presented a brief picture of the Museum of Natural History that is in the formative stages.

At the business meeting, the treasurer, Robbie Allen, reported that the income in 1997 slightly exceeded the Association’s expenses. The slate of officers that was published in the December newsletter was accepted with one addition. The position of Secretary, that compiles the three parts of the newsletter, and gets them printed and mailed, was reluctantly accepted by Lynn Smith. She has been Secretary for the past two years and was hoping that someone else would take on this responsibility. The Secretary is key to keeping the organization running and Lynn has done a fine job for the past two years. However, it is time that someone else took on that responsibility. We split the Secretary’s job into two parts to reduce the burden on the office holder. The viability of SCAN demands that additional people get involved in its leadership. For the past ten years, SCAN office holders have been basically the same ten people. Please contact me or Lynn if you are willing to consider taking on the job of Secretary.

Look forward to seeing you all on the many interesting field trips planned for 1998.

Ken Boni, President

SECRETARY’S NOTE: Are you seeing stars on your mailing label? That means that we have not yet received your dues for 1998.Dues were due in January! The labels will reflect the last time the mail was picked up from the post office, which will be as close to mailing time as possible. If your check is in the mail, we should receive it soon. Look at the enclosed list of trips. You don’t want to miss any, do you? We cannot carry you for several months as printing costs have gone up rapidly in the last few months. Dues are $12 for the first member and $5 for each additional member sharing the same newsletter. So send in your check right away. Do it now!

E-mail Addresses. We are going to try to include e-mail addresses for those who have them and are willing to have them included in the SCAN membership list that is sent out with the March or April newsletter. This list will not be mounted on our website. We will only include your address with your permission. Drop an e-mail note to Jan Ciegler (ciegler@cyberstate.infi.net) or Lynn Smith (SmithLynnB@aol.com) to tell us to include you.

SCAN Exhibit?? SCAN has been invited to participate in the Second Annual Lynches River Festival at Lee State Park on May 2, 1998. The exhibits must offer an inter-active or ‘hands-on’ opportunity, but no electricity is available. It would be a good opportunity to spread the word about SCAN. Does anyone out there have any ideas about such an exhibit? Unfortunately we must let the Lynches Scenic River Advisory Council know by February 16 if we plan to participate. A large number of board members will be out of the country until then. If you have a good idea, let us know via the SCAN P.O. Box by February 13th. Help a good cause.

Saturday, February 28, 1998 10:30 a.m.
Charlotte, Mecklinburg County, North Carolina

To start 1998, SCAN will sneak out of South Carolina for a few miles to explore a wetlands habitat that features salamanders and other goodies. This property is owned by the Catawba Lands Conservancy and we thank them for permission to visit. They have done no insect survey here, so we are encouraged to keep a sharp eye open. This area is surrounded by industrial parks which makes it an oasis of greenery, but very vulnerable to accidental damage. When one visits salamanders, one must get into wet areas. Accordingly, come prepared to wade. Gore-tex hiking boots may not be enough protection for this trip. Rubber boots are recommended unless you don’t mind just watching from the edges. Bring your lunch and beverage as usual. We will probably eat at the cars, but a packable snack might be in order. As usual, if the day is good and we are still hunting for interesting specimens toward late afternoon, those who can do so are encouraged to join together for a dutch-treat dinner nearby. Our regional director suggests a Greek-American restaurant called John’s Place (See map), or other area choice if the members so choose. Do plan to join us for the day and if possible for supper. A good time is usually had by all. And a site featuring salamanders is a rare opportunity. The day should be a good relief for cabin fever. Plan to gather at the indicated “X” on the map and enjoy a good day in the field!

Directions to Whitehall Nature Preserve

From Greenville:
I-85 to Charlotte, and exit at Billy Graham Parkway
Follow Parkway to South Tryon Street, (NC 49), turn right onto Tryon
Go to overpass over I-485, then take the first right past this overpass
Follow this deadend road to SCAN cars at the end.

From Columbia:
I-77 north to NC state line then Exit 1 to I-485
Go left at “Y”, west on Goode Freeway
As road ends at NC 49 exit, turn left
Whitehall Park Drive is first right across the overpass
Follow this deadend road to SCAN cars at the end.