February 1997

Dear Scan members,

The annual indoor meeting at the State Museum was the twentieth for SCAN. It was really great to have the organization founder, Rudy Mancke, as well as all of the past presidents to celebrate the occasion.

The meeting was opened with an informative and stimulating presentation by Carolyn Murphy on the geology of the Carolinas which she illustrated with many fine photographs. This was followed by a presentation by Elizabeth Mackey. Elizabeth brought 5 live birds (2 owls, 2 hawks, and a falcon) that could not be returned to the wild because of injuries. She described the problems with bonding of baby birds that were adopted by humans in addition to the specifics of why the five birds on display could not return to the wild.

After lunch, Rudy Mancke talked about the early years of SCAN. He described how he got started as a naturalist and his reasons for creating SCAN. He had a copy of the organizational letter sent to prospective members for the first meeting in January 1977 which he read. Rudy stressed the concept that SCAN members should strive to be more than specialists in a particular area of natural history such as birding and challenged us to be better naturalists in 1997.

Rudy’s talk was followed by all of the past presidents being introduced to the group and a slide presentation by Lynn Greenlee that reviewed the early years of the organization. The slides included were of both people and nature from past years. Lynn Smith then presented slides highlighting trips taken during the past year.

At the business meeting, it was reported that the revised constitution had been approved by the membership. No individual article had more than one negative vote. Thanks for the revisions are due to the substantial efforts of Virginia Winn, Mina Winn, and Jan Ciegler who rewrote the constitution to bring it into line with the organization’s current practice. I got involved this fall to push for completion of the revisions and to get membership approval.. The slate-of-officers for 1997 proposed by the nominating committee was accepted unanimously by the members.

On a sad note, long time SCAN member Carl May died Friday, Jan 24. Also, Sam Outen is not expected to recover from his bout with intestinal cancer. Sam has included in his will money to cover the cost of printing a book entitled the “Second Ten Years of SCAN”. The Executive Committee has agreed to accept his generous gift and appointed a committee of Virginia Winn (chairperson), Dee Hope, and Lynn Smith to begin planning the production of the book. Sarah Simons has agreed to consult on this project.

I want to express my thanks to the many individuals that contributed to the success of this meeting: the speakers Carolyn Murphy, Elizabeth Mackey, and Rudy Mancke; Lynn Greenlee for putting together the slide show of the early years and contacting many of the past presidents; Lynn Smith for the slide show of the past year; the many individuals that brought exhibits for us to examine; Mary Boni for the refreshments; and all the members of SCAN that make it the wonderful organization that it is. Special thanks are in order to Jan Ciegler for a well planned and organized meeting as well as for her two years of excellent service as president.

After the meeting, there was a well attended and lively open house at the Ciegler’s home. In addition to the opportunity to socialize, there was a more than ample supply of food and drink. SCAN supplied ham and paperware, the Cieglers supplied wine, and the remainder was pot luck brought by the participants. The leftovers were donated to one of the missions in Columbia by the Cieglers.

Ken Boni, President
Secretary’s Note: Are you seeing stars on your mailing label? If so, then your dues are past due and this is your second notice. If you think your check and this letter passed in the mail, then don’t panic unless you get more stars next month. Remember dues are $12.00 for the first person and the newsletter, and $5.00 for each person at that mailing address who shares the newsletter and wants to vote (and be part of the “in” crowd). If you want your own copy of the newsletter it is the full $12.00.

February 22, Bear Island WMA

The Bear Island area of Colleton county comprises 7700 acres of marsh impoundments, tidal marshes, maritime woods, and managed agricultural land for the benefit of wildlife. February should be the peak time for ducks and other birds; maritime botany is always fascinating. Note: We will initially meet, not at Bear Island, but at Woods Bros. gas station and store at the intersection of Road 14 and US 17 (see below) to be ready to leave by 10:30 am. From here we will drive to Rd. 26 and stop in about 6 mi. to look for marsh birds such as rails, at marsh vegetation…..then on to Bear Island. Bring your lunch, drinks, birdwatching equipment, and dress appropriately for the weather. Lunch will be at the cars and there is a one-holer on the premises. Following the trip, we hope to meet at a restaurant for dinner and social pleasure. Any questions? Contact the regional Director Alex Ciegler at (803) 796-2862.

Travel Instructions: From COLUMBIA take I-26 east to I-95 south. Exit at Exit 57 and follow SC 64 into Walterboro In about 2 miles 64 merges with US 15 and in another half mile merges with 17A; In another half mile take SC 303 left toward Greenpond. This intersection is under construction and signs may be missing. Look for a traffic light and turn left. In about 14 miles (just before Greenpond) turn left onto Road 14. When you get to US17, turn left and immediately on your right you will see Woods Bros. store. It is not the one directly opposite the end of Rd. 14. If you are late, continue on for about a half mile and turn right on Rd. 26; in 16 miles you will come to Bear Island WMA. From CHARLESTON, go south on US 17 and after 38 to 39 miles watch for Woods Bros. about a half mile past the intersection with Rd. 26. COMING FROM THE SOUTH ON I-95, get off at exit 33, and follow US 17 north toward Charleston. Watch for the intersection of SC 303. Woods Bros. is about 2 miles past there.