November 1996

November 4, 1996

Dear SCAN members,

During our trip to the Rock Hill Blackjacks Heritage Preserve, we found a fine patch of the rare Schweinitz’ Sunflower, Helianthus schweinitzii, a plant found nowhere else in the world except here and a few spots in North Carolina. The plants were all past blooming,but appeared healthy with plentiful brown seed heads and tiny seeds. In addition we found Silphium, a yellow-flowered composite with flower stalks over six feet, and Eryngium looking like a weird Yucca with umbels of round brown seed heads. which told us that we were indeed in a remnant of the former prairie. Exposed outcrops of the underlying gabbro rock gave the appearance of a Japanese garden with their patches of lichens. We thank Charlie Williams for organizing this trip to Rock Hill in York County, the only heritage preserve located entirely within the limits of a city.

The next field trip will be to the Sea Pines Forest Preserve on Hilton Head Island. Note that this will be on the third Saturday, November 16, to avoid conflict with Thanksgiving.

Once again we request colored slides from this year’s activities to be shown at our Annual Meeting. Slides should be clearly marked with your name, and the upper right hand corner of each slide, as positioned ready to project, marked in some clear way. Please send these slides to Lynn Smith, 407 Ridgecrest Drive, Camden, SC 29020 (803) 432-1504, preferably before the 15th of January.

Because this will be our 20th Annual Meeting, slides of SCAN activities and people from 1976 to 1986 are also needed. Label these as above and send historical slides to Lynn Greenlee, 5225 Clemson Ave. #236, Columbia, SC 29206, (803) 787-7494.

We will again have display tables at the Annual Meeting where you can show what you have found or done this year. Since this will be our 20th anniversary year, any displays which were shown over 10 years ago will also be welcome. Plan now to participate!

Your president,
Jan Ciegler

There is a Fauna list included from the campground at Honey Hill compiled by those of us who camped there during the September overnight trip to Charleston County. Jan Ciegler had her lighttrap set up to attract beetles, but lots of critters came, including the oak toad who knew a good meal source when he saw one! he light the Winns had over the picnic table attracted lots more. This list reflects this group of visitors, plus what we saw or heard during the night and breakfast on Sunday. Many of these were new to SCAN. The moths and katydids were especially cooperative, crawling over our books as we worked on identification. You will notice a lot of asterisks indicating new-to-SCAN and in many cases new to observer species. There are listed separately since the campground was a very different habitat and county than either the Saturday or Sunday trips.

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, BEAUFORT COUNTY, SCSea Pines Forest Preserve is within the private development of Sea Pines, on the southern edge of Hilton Head Island. Walking trails loop over old rice fields via boardwalks, which have a couple of observation decks, and across a rice levee constructed in the 18th century. We will see both fresh and brackish water impoundments, a maritime forest, swamp, and even another 4000 year old Indian shell mound, though not with the unique flora of the Sewee midden of September. Alligators are common, and birding should be good for November.
For planning purposes: We will carry lunch to eat on the trail at picnic tables with restrooms nearby. Carry plenty of liquids. Plan on lots of sun and bugs (sunscreen and repellent), the possibility of rain. WATCH OUT for the poison ivy, and evidence that these trails are also bridle trails. There is an entry fee of $3 per car.

TIMING AND DIRECTIONS: Meet at the Park Plaza parking lot by 10:15 a.m. to carpool in to save money, or meet at the Preserve parking lot by 10:30 a.m. as usual. Traveling south on I-95 take Exit 5 (Hardeeville) and head toward Savannah on US 17. In approximately 5 miles turn left onto SC 170. In 10.5 to 11 miles turn right onto US 278. In 11 miles you will cross the bridge onto Hilton Head Island. After crossing the bridge, continue on 278 (Wm. Hilton Parkway) for 12 miles until you get to Sea Pines Traffic Circle. Proceed halfway around the circle, and exit the second right turn. the Sea Pines gate is immediately ahead.
BUT…for those who wish to save the $3 toll for entering the Sea Pines Gate, turn an immediate left into the Park Plaza (with Harris Teeter store) parking lot and meet in the foremost corner where we will form a carpool to the Preserve. Our cars will be fine at this shopping center and the Preserve’s parking area is less that four minutes away. OTHERWISE, if you don’t wish to carpool or are late,just tell the guard at the Sea Pines gate that you want to buy a guest pass, and proceed to the Preserve’s parking area,1 mile past the gate house on the left.
We hope to see you there!

Rock Hill Blackjacks Heritage Preserve
York County, SC
October 26, 1996


Crustose lichen
Graphina columbina
Graphis scripta
Graphis mosquitensis
Bacidia schweinitzii

Fruticose Lichen
Cladina subtenuis
Cladonia chlorophaea
Cladonia cristatella
Cladonia polycarpoides
Cladonia peziziformis

Crustose Lichen
Pertusaria texana
Lecanora deplanans
Lecanora varia
Lecanora allophana
Lecanora sp. #2 Brodo

Foliose Lichen
Hypotrachyna livida
Parmotrema hypotropum
Parmotrema michauxianum
Parmotrema perforatum
Xanthoparmelia conspersa
Flavoparmelia baltimorensis
Flavoparmelia caperata
Canoparmelia texana
Punctelia rudecta
Rimelia reticulata
Rimelia subisidiosa

Fruticose Lichen
Usnea strigosa

Crustose Lichen
Buellia caloosensis

Foliose Lichen
Physcia aipolia
Physcia americana
Physcia millegrana
Physcia subtilis
Hetrerodermia casarettiana
Phaeophyscia adiastola
Phaeophyscia ciliata
Phaeophyscia rubropulchra

Crustose Lichen
Rinodina tephraspis
Caloplaca flavorubescens

Ochrolechia africana

Acarospora citrina
Acarospora glaucocarpa
Acarospora citrina

Crustose Lichen
Arthonia lapidicola

Royal Fern
Osmunda regalis

Loblolly Pine
Pinus taeda

Short-leaf Pine
Pinus echinata

Eastern Red-cedar
Juniperus virginiana

Festuca sp.

Foxtail Grass
Setaria sp.

Fringed Greenbrier
Smilax bona-nox

Red-berried Greenbriar
Smilax walteri

Smilax sp.

Yucca filamentosa

Allium cuthbertii

Mockernut Hickory
Carya tomentosa

Post Oak
Quercus stellata

Black Oak
Quercus velutina

Black Jack Oak
Quercus marilandica

Willow Oak
Quercus phellos

Winged Elm
Ulmus alata

Curly Heads
Clematis ochroleuca

Meadow Rue
Thalictrum sp.

Liquidambar styraciflua

Blackberry; Brambles
Rubus sp.
R. fabrictearus

Agrimonia parviflora

Rosa sp.

Black Cherry
Prunus serotina

Cercis canadensis

Partridge Pea
Cassia sp.

Lespedeza cuneata

Poison Ivy
Rhus radicans

Winged Sumac
Rhus copallina

Possum Haw Holly
Ilex decidua

Strawberry Bush
Euonymus americanus

Red Maple
Acer rubrum

Vitis rotundifolia

Hypericum sp.

Passion Flower; Maypops
Passiflora incarnata

Prickly Pear
Opuntia compressa
Russian Olive
Elaeagnus umbellata

Button Snakeroot
Eryngium yuccifolium

Wild Carrot
Daucus carota

Flowering Dogwood
Cornus florida

Swamp Dogwood
Cornus stricta

Diospyros virginiana

American Ash; White Ash
Fraxinus americana

Privet; Ligustrum
Ligustrum vulgare

Yellow Jessamine
Gelsemium sempervirens

Carpenter Weed
Prunella vulgaris

Agalinis setacea

Trumpet Vine
Campsis radicans

Japanese Honeysuckle
Lonicera japonica

Symphoricarpos orbiculatus

Black Haw; Nanny-berry
Viburnum prunifolium

Lobelia puberula

Lobelia inflata

Ambrosia artemisiifolia

Carduus sp.

Elephantopus sp.

Blazing Star
Liatris sp.

Mistflower; Ageratum
Eupatorium coelestinum

Eupatorium sp.

Antennaria solitaria

Sea-Myrtle; Groundsel Tree
Baccharis halimifolia

Frost Aster
Aster pilosus

Aster sp.

Silphium terebinthinaceum

Black-eyed Susan
Rudbeckia hirta

Schweinitz’ Sunflower*
Helianthus schweinitzii

Coreopsis major

Coreopsis tinctoris

Spanish Needles
Bidens bipinnata

Helenium autumnale

Black Knot
Apiosporina morbosa

Purple-spored Puffball
Calvatia cyathiformis

Pear-shaped Puffball
Lycoperdon pyriforme


Arrowhead Spider
Verrucosa arenata

White Micrathena
Micrathena mitrata

Star-bellied spider
Acanthepeira stellata
Banded Argiope
Argiope trifasciata

Green Lynx Spider
Peucetia viridans

Rabid Wolf Spider
Lycosa rabida

Wolf Spider
Lycosa sp.
Pardosa sp.

Crab Spider
Misumenops sp.

Jumping Spider
Metaphidippus sp.

Common Meadow Katydid
Orchelimum vulgare

Crested Pygmy Grasshopper*
Nomotettix cristatus

Short-winged Green Grasshopper
Dichromorpha viridis

Autumn Yellow-winged
Arphia xanthoptera

Green-striped Grasshopper
Chortophaga viridifasciata
Wrinkled Grasshopper*
Hippiscus ocelote

Orange-winged Grasshopper
Pardalophora phoenicoptera
Red-legged Grasshopper
Melanoplus femurrubrum

Two-striped Grasshopper*
Melanoplus bivittatus

Spur-throated Grasshopper
Melanoplus sp.

American Bird Grasshopper
Schistocerca americana

Red-headed Bush Cricket
Phyllopalpus pulchellus

Slender Meadow Katydid
Conocephalus fasciatus
Rapier Meadow Katydid
Conocephalus strictus

Plant-feeding Stink Bug
Euschistus servus servus

Broad-headed Bug
Alydus eurinus

Prosapia bicincta

Red Imported Fire Ant
Solenopsis invicta

Yellow Jacket
Vespula sp.

Paper Wasp
Polistes sp.

Bombus sp.

Pedunculate Ground Beetle
Scarites subterraneus

Notch-mouthed Ground
Dicaelus elongatus

Colorful Foliage Ground
Lebia ornata

Red Net-winged Beetle
Dictyopterus aurora

Horned Fungus Beetle
Bolitotherus cornutus

Darkling Beetle
Diaperis maculata

Red-horned Grain Beetle
Platydema ruficorne

Darkling Beetle
Uloma sp.

Lady Beetle
Harmonia axyridis

Flower Longhorn*
Strangalia sexnotata

Aulobaris ibis

Flower Weevil*
Centrinopus helvinus

Black Swallowtail
Papilio polyxenes asterius

Eastern Tailed-Blue
Everes comyntas

Pearl Crescent
Phyciodes tharos

Common Buckeye Butterfly
Junonia coenia

Silver-Spotted Skipper
Epargyreus clarus

Evergreen Bagworm Moth

Goldenrod Gall Moth

Woolly Bear Caterpillar
Pyrrharctia isabella

Upland Chorus Frog
Pseudacris triceriata

Eastern Box Turtle (shell)
Terrapene carolina

Carolina Anole
Anolis carolinensis

Mourning Dove
Zenaida macroura

Red-bellied Woodpecker
Melanerpes carolinus

Northern Flicker
Colaptes auratus

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
Sphyrapicus varius

Eastern Phoebe
Sayornis phoebe

Blue Jay
Cyanocitta cristata

Corvus sp.
Tufted Titmouse
Parus bicolor

Carolina Chickadee
Parus carolinensis

Eastern Bluebird
Sialia sialis

American Robin
Turdus migratorius

Brown Thrasher
Toxostoma rufum

Yellow-rumped Warbler
Dendroica coronata

White-tailed Deer (tracks)
Odocoileus virginianus
*First time recorded.

Note: This flora/fauna list is produced by the South Carolina Association of Naturalists, and is subject to revision as needed. Above list produced on November 4, 1996.